Due to the severe water drought conditions this year we are going to remain CLOSED for the remainder of the season. Please read updates posted below for more information and details. 

Mission Statement – Tehachapi Wildlife Rehab and Education is a State and Federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation center dedicated to education and providing aid to sick, injured and orphaned indigenous birds of prey and mammals of Kern County.


T.W.R.A.E. is open 7 days a week Phone: 661-822-7670.

** Tehachapi Wildlife Rehab and Education believes in maintaining minimal human interaction and contact with all our housed animals, therefore we are NOT open to the public and ask that we have no visitors stop by unless you have a prior appointment. We thank you for your respect and understanding. **


**  7/31/14 Latest UPDATE **:

Due to the severe water drought conditions this year we are going to remain CLOSED for the remainder of the season.Please continue to call as the director will advise and/or make recommendations.  We are still an active facility but the center can not adequately care for critters until the water shortage is resolved.
The critters and I thank you for your continued support


** 6/14/2014 UPDATE**:

Due to the volume of critters that have come in to Tehachapi Wildlife without any donations, we are temporarily not taking any new rescues. We are very sorry, but we need to provide the best care for our current residences. Less than 1 out of 20 donations with intakes is simply not enough to care for each animal. [The cost alone to raise one Great Horned Owl is approximately $250.00 (for a minimum of 10 weeks)and we have 5 fledgling in care. That is food alone. Doesn't count for the vet visit or medication that might be necessary.]
It is out believe most individuals think that we are a funded operation since we are licensed through the State of California and the Federal Government. This is not the case at all, we are a private operation that is funded through the generosity of the public.

We are currently at our maximum ability to care and feed for our current residents. When some are released then possibly we can open up more space, but as it looks now that won’t be until mid July.
Please understand that this is really difficult for us and we truly are sorry. Please continue to call as we will give you advise and alternatives.


Tehachapi Wildlife Rehab and Education is a 501C3 Non-Profit organization supported by donations and volunteers. Donations made to this wildlife center are tax deductible.